Asuka Tsuboi

Using the softness of clay to convey the beauty of ancient cloth
“I am fascinated by cloth and paper.... I feel as though our joys and sorrows – the pattern of human life – are all revealed there.”(1)  Tsuboi lives in Kyoto and has produced a series of pieces on the theme of the city’s history and landscape in which she used soft clay to portray the grace of aged fabrics. “Looking at avant-garde ceramics in Japan I feel that fine art from overseas has exerted a strong influence, but there is very little work inspired by Japanese landscapes and distinctive indigenous styles.”(2)  Tsuboi’s ‘Karaori’ Series treating the theme of the body is remarkable for its exuberance; studded with brilliant gold, the pieces display a distinctly Japanese sensibility.
(1). from ‘Someone who Never Tires of Play’ by Masaru Isobe, in Asuka Tsuboi –
(2). from ‘Concert of Gorgeous Objects’ by Kazunobu Nakanobo, in Asuka Tsuboi –
Ceramics (Asuka Tsuboi,1991)

16:Ancient Cloth Series, Memory of the Past
17: Woman of Fairyland
18: Running Woman

  Ancient Cloth Series, Memory of the Past
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