Ayumi Shigematsu

Ideas taking shape―the forms preserved in genetic memory
‘Bone Ears’ is a series of pieces in which the vibrations of the heart are felt through ‘bones’. One can sense how the work of projecting her ideas into clay steadily progresses through the gentle vibrations of the artist’s intuitive touch. Ayumi Shigematsu from this ‘Bone Ear’ series, a specific theme began to show its face. The artist is always creating work born from the search for something new. “As soon as I start to make a piece, I think directly in the language of the clay. …as I manipulate a small chunk of clay in my hand, it takes on a variety of shapes. …I feel as though my fingertips select genetically recorded shapes…
I am drawn to strange forms which have both pleasant and unpleasant aspects.”

‘The Artist’s Comments’ by Ayumi Shigematsu from the exhibition: ‘The Heart of the Creator in Contemporary Ceramic Art-Catch A Glimpse of the Depth of Ceramics’ (1998)

82: Bone Ear ’96-16
83: Bone Ear ’97-4
84: Untitled   
85: Cubic Cloud

Bone Ear ’96-16
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