Yuki Nakaigawa

Nature’s surprises arouse the curiosity which inspires artwork
“This morning I was again fascinated by a web that a spider had made overnight. I looked at the completed web and admired the night’s work.”

from ‘Gazing at Nature’ Yuki Nakaigawa. 2005

Nakaigawa, whose house is in an oak forest, is fascinated by the natural environment of trees and the invisibly small world of insects, an interest which she traces back to her upbringing surrounded by nature. She began to wonder whether the naturally occurring life-forms which she “encountered every day”, as well (1)as the unseen strength within these forms, could somehow be expressed in clay. Nakaigawa concentrates  on large-scale ceramic pieces, which are particularly difficult to achieve. One cannot help being amazed by the sheer scale and power of her intriguing interpretations of nature.

(1).from ‘The Midday Moon’, Yuki Nakaigawa’s Tearoom, Hagi Uragami Museum(2003)by Yuki Nakaigawa

75: For an Oak Grove ’07 spring
76: Leaning Down to Examine the Day

For an Oak Grove ’07 spring
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