Shoko Koike

These pots – created as joy surged up and took shape – are called ‘Shell’
These vessels, or ‘Shell’, curve outwards with centrifugal force and project a sense of dynamically charged energy. “How much can I demand of the clay? How complex a design can it withstand? When my own ideas expand clearly and take on a kind of dance rhythm, then the clay moves vigorously in my hands.” (1) writes Koike of her confrontation with clay. During the exchange between the clay and the artist’s creativity, inspiration surges up from within. These ‘Shell’ are more than just ceramic vessls; they project a tremendous sense of verve.
(1). ‘The Artist’s Comments’ by Shoko Koike from The Expression and the Potential in Contemporary Ceramics, Aichi Prefectural Ceramic Museum (1996)

61: Shell Plate
63: Shell Plate
64: Shell Vessel


Shell Vessel
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