Kyoko Hori

Becoming one with the clay as I work;
I call this ‘ physicalisation ’ 

The technique of rolling out clay into thin coils and then piling these up is called’ coil building ‘. As the clay is extended, built up, and the piece grows, Hori leaves a dialogue with the clay as she works. The artist herself calls this ‘ physicalisation ’ (shintaisei).
“ When I use this technique of coil building I get the strong sense of a living entity gradually developing, and the slowness of the hand-building method also accords with my own internal rhythms.Within their bodies mammals carry the collective memory of vertebrates’ 500 million year life history; the realization that I too have certainly inherited this graceful power became a pivotal source of inspiration. …I would like, through the plasticity of the clay and through my own body, to infuse the pieces with the dynamism and flux of life.”
Kyoko Hori, ‘ An  Approach to Making An ‘ (April 2007).

40: For Water of Waiting Originate Day
41: From A Series: the Nest of Expiration


From A Series: the Nest of Expiration
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