Nanako Kaji

In a shapeless chaotic universe, at this fleeting moment,
I leave my mark in clay.
“Human beings alive today are different and varied because we are each a product of our own personal history, interwoven with other people’s histories, the history of the Earth, and that of the universe which contains it. So in order to affirm my own infinitely tiny existence in the world, I continue to produce artworks.”
‘ On the Surface of the Earth’ by Nanako Kaji,from Ceramics vol. 44-Nanako Kaji,Kyoto Shoin 1992.

Kaji’s work conveys a whole range of different qualities of clay, like its warmth and texture, or the resistance which it presents when pressure is applied. And her fired, finished pieces also make us aware of the durability of pottery which – as a product of its era and as a lasting testament – transmits a message to future generations whom we will never meet.

43: The series, Touching the Earth 2006-6, Measuring the Distance
44: The Series, Touching the Earth 2006-7, Toward the Island
45: Vessel of Memory 
46: Vessel of Memory 
47: Vessel of Memory

  Vessel of Memory
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