Kaku Hayashi

Eastern themes – ZERO and
a sacred waterfall – expressed through pottery
Hayashi’s Zero Trajectory series was sparked off by an encounter with a certain calligraphy artist. The starting point was the idea of ZERO or ‘nothingness’ found in ZEN Buddhism. This Eastern philosophical concept has provided wide-ranging inspiration for Hayashi’s ceramic work. She exploits the malleability of clay to express her ideas through a dynamic series of folds, combined with undulations derived from calligraphy brushwork. Another exhibit, ‘Kegon’, is inspired by the beautiful waterfall in Tochigi prefecture, Kegon no Taki. This masterful work brilliantly evokes in pottery the dramatic cascade of water and its substance as droplets.

33: Black Clay as Life-Circle – Circulation Series Black
34: Zero Trajectory 
36: Angel with One Wing


Zero Trajectory
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