Fuku Fukumoto

“For example in my case, I complete my forms later by revising the thrown pieces, exactly as I had left them on the wheel, and doing turning work. I achieve just the right rhythm to finalize the shape of the piece through a dialogue between my own touch and the specific qualities of the clay.”
‘Shadows of Thin Ice =White porcelain Vessels’, Fuku Fukumoto Pottery, New Sensations Series: 50 OBJECTS, 1999-2005 published by INAX, 2005.
Fukumoto is fond of white receptacles with matt surfaces, and we can see how she has chosen to exploit these forms in the current exhibits. During firing, the spaces between the delicately stacked vessels are very slightly altered, due to the interaction between gravity, clay shrinkage, glaze and other forces. Fukumoto is very interested in the pottery-making process where, as in these pieces, the artist’s own work is complimented by utilizing natural forces. Having lived abroad Fukumoto gained a renewed sense of her own sensibility as a Japanese, and a sense of pride in Japanese aesthetics, with its deep appreciation of nature.

22: Moon Shadow
23: Moon Shadow

Moon Shadow
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