Atsuko Kubota

Western-style composition brings renewed freshness to traditional craftwork
Kubota’s decorative style captivates us with its daring departure from traditional craftwork. She uses contiguous foliate or abstract motifs to produce highly polished modern works. Kubota’s study of foliate design at university has also inspired numerous new developments in her work. She makes detailed figurative studies of plant from and then, selecting only the essential elements, develops these to produce a variety of repeated decorative patterns.
Kubota works mainly on blue-white porcelain, despite admitting that firing temperatures presents a particular challenge. She specifically chooses fine bone china, leaving the clay ground visible around the rim of her pieces in order to highlight the beautiful whiteness of the medium.
Bibliography: ’The Ceramics I’m Seeking’ ,  Atsuko Kubota.
Ceramics 35 (2000)

10: Large Plate with Striped Pattern, Porcelain
11: Large Plate with Cherry Blossom Pattern, Porcelain
12: Large Plate with Geometic Pattern, Porcelain

Large Plate with Cherry Blossom Pattern, Porcelain
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