Ikuko Ando

I would like to envelop myself ―to enclose a sense of space ,of landscape, within the clay. Creating day by day ,like putting entries in a diary
“Clay. Formed as rock is weathered away―a long, long passage of time. I get a sense―that during this ‘ becoming’ time―the clay has learnt everything there is. Before this all-knowing clay, I am but a wretched little mite. I open my ears to the teaching of the clay; When it shows me the beautiful forms in which it can, as clay, breathe with vitality, I attempt to reproduce these forms―as though gently scooping them up―without stifling this living breath.”
‘N.E.Blood21’vol.12,Ikuko Kojima exhibition pamphlet(2004),Rias Ark Museum of Art.

28: Shadow of Time
29: Entrance to the Interior
30: Tomorrow’s Sunshine
31: Factory Chimney
32: Cloud

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